Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results.

Our dedicated team delivers exceptional results and provides outstanding customer service. We are proud to offer Australia’s top-rated smoke alarms, backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Phil is a seasoned CEO with a proven track record of leading and growing businesses. As the CEO of Red Smoke Alarms, he has overseen significant expansion and solidified the company’s position as a leading provider of residential smoke alarm technology. With a strong strategic vision and collaborative approach, he continues to drive innovation and safety for Red Smoke Alarms.

Phil meticulously plots every strategic venture at work or at home. He has worked in three countries, two continents and with multiple cultures and is obsessed with good food and great company. An avid sports fan and chef wannabe, Phil loves all things that connect people with a simple motto of GSD!

Wini is a visionary Product Development Manager. She brings an infectious enthusiasm and a knack for creative problem-solving to the table. Her passion lies in transforming innovative ideas into tangible solutions that reshape the industry landscape. With a boundless imagination and a relentless drive for excellence, Wini is committed to shaping the future of products that enhance lives and redefine possibilities.

Wini cements her infections connection through her humility and sincerity to everyone that is iconically held together during SNACK TIME!

Jess is all about Red Smoke Alarms’ brand amplification, crafting strategic marketing initiatives that elevate brand positioning and drive customer engagement. Her expertise in brand strategy, consumer behavior, and data-driven decision-making ensures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, fostering brand loyalty and propelling the company towards continued growth.

In her spare time, Jess can be found plotting her next overseas adventure or running after her wild child. She is guided by the motto “Just keep swimming.”

Jem is the financial cornerstone of Red Smoke Alarms, ensuring the company’s financial health and stability through astute financial planning, analysis, and oversight. With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of financial principles, Jem masterfully safeguards the company’s financial resources, ensuring their efficient allocation and optimal utilization. Her expertise encompasses financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and risk management.

Beyond her financial expertise, Jem is a puzzle enthusiast, outdoor adventurer, and sister to 5. When she’s not balancing spreadsheets, she’s unraveling jigsaws, exploring nature’s trails, and experimenting with culinary creations that incorporate her love for peanut butter.

Taryn is the epitome of customer service excellence, renowned for her expertise in handling customer inquiries and resolving warranty claims. As the first point of contact for Red Smoke Alarms, Taryn exudes a warm and welcoming demeanor, putting customers at ease and ensuring their concerns are promptly addressed. Her ability to identify and assess customer needs is unparalleled, allowing her to provide tailored solutions and alternatives that exceed expectations.

Taryn is a mum of two and loves spending time with family, walking the dog or sitting soaking up the sun while enjoying a good book.

With a natural ability to connect with people and build enduring relationships, Graham is a relationship-building sales maestro who fosters a collaborative environment where both Red Smoke Alarms and its clients succeed together. His genuine interest in his clients and staffs needs and his commitment to providing exceptional service have made him a trusted advisor and a valuable partner to Red.

Graham is a proud Irishman. Met his Australian wife in London and is happily married (so his wife tells him) with two kids who he is devoted to. A fanatical sports fan, he loves everything outdoors and enjoys meeting new people and expanding his circle. “Nothing is unachievable “

With a deep understanding of customer needs and an unwavering commitment to satisfaction, George is a customer-centric salesperson who goes the extra mile to build lasting relationships and foster brand loyalty. His expertise in product knowledge and problem-solving has earned him the respect of his colleagues and clients alike, making him an invaluable asset to Red Smoke Alarms.

George enjoys dining out, travel, collecting art and antiques, moonlighting as a music radio producer and spending weekends kicking back on his 200 acre farm in regional NSW.

With a genuine passion for the industry and a dedication to making a positive impact, Paul is a dedicated and passionate salesperson who is eager to contribute to Red Smoke Alarms’ success. His enthusiasm for learning and his commitment to customer service coupled with his speed and tenacity make him a legend in the team.

Paul is an avid sportsman and beach enthusiast, values family time and embraces a work hard, play hard philosophy

A seasoned sales leader with extensive industry expertise, Zane brings a winning combination of relationship-building, team empowerment, and strategic sales acumen to Red Smoke Alarms. His passion, motivation, and drive will undoubtedly propel the company towards new heights while bringing a fresh sense of humour.

Zane is possibly the world’s tallest dwarf, loves a good romantic walk for one and wonders, ” if it takes 18 months to repair a pot hole…..did we really go to the moon?”.

With a deep understanding of customer needs and an unwavering commitment to satisfaction, Pete is a customer-centric Account Manager who goes the extra mile to build lasting relationships and foster brand loyalty. He is dedicated to building lasting relationships with the wholesale channel and delivers the best every time.

Pete, a family man with two kids, proudly hails from a vibrant Macedonian family. An avid food and coffee enthusiast, Pete relishes in indulging his culinary passions.

Anwar has an extensive background in the electrical wholesale industry. He fosters strong relationships with clients, building rapport quickly with his clear communication and personable approach. He has a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and consistently delivers exceptional service, making him a valuable asset to both clients and the team here at Red Smoke Alarms.

With a passion for both the outdoors and friendly competition, In his spare time, Anwar enjoys casting a line for a relaxing day fishing and dominating the basketball court.

Darren is a seasoned Sales Representative boasting decades of expertise in the industry. With an extensive network and unmatched sales prowess, he excels in forging strong client relationships. Known for exceeding targets and offering tailored solutions, Darren is not just a salesperson but a trusted advisor here at red Smoke Alarms.

Darren loves nothing more than catching a good wave and spending time with his family.

Phil plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of Red Smoke Alarms’ supply chain. He is responsible for overseeing the organization, storage, and distribution of goods, ensuring that items and resources reach their intended destinations promptly and in pristine condition. Phil’s expertise in logistics, warehouse management, and transportation is instrumental in maintaining a seamless supply chain that supports the company’s growth and success.

In his spare time, Phil loves to jump in the caravan and explore all that Australia has to offer.

Moses is our technical support guru, providing expert guidance and resolving product-related queries with unmatched proficiency. His deep well of product knowledge serves as an invaluable resource, ensuring that our customers receive the support they need. From managing installations and troubleshooting technical glitches to handling warranty claims, Moses tackles every challenge with unwavering dedication and expertise.

Moses is happily married with seven children and recently discovered he has more kids than the Brady Bunch. At the youthful age of 44, he’s also a proud grandfather to five grandchildren. In his spare time, Moses enjoys playing basketball and firmly believes in the mantra that a happy wife equals a happy life.

Rose is our dedicated Accounts Officer who brings exceptional communication skills and a sharp eye for accuracy to our team. Rose is always the first to volunteer assistance, she ensures our financial operations run smoothly and efficiently. Her commitment to precision and proactive approach in problem-solving makes her an indispensable asset. Rose helps bridge the gap between financial data and practical solutions, contributing significantly to our team’s success.

In her spare time Rose loves cooking, Swimming & all things Cars!